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How to remove your shopify store from dianxiaomi account ?

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Dianxiaomi is a fulfillment APP can be used by the agent ONLY, but some dropshippers accidently created a dianxiaomi account and connect it to his shopify store, thus no agent can connect again and fulfill orders for him. In this case, the dropshippers should delete his store from his dianxiaomi account first. Here is how.

STEP 1 Google translate the dianxiaomi page into english and click "platform authorization"

STEP 2 click the icon "shopify"

STEP 3 Delete your shopify account. You can choose whatever reason when you see messages like "why you delete your account"

STEP 4 Tell your agent, you have deleted your shopify store from the dianxiaomi account.

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