How to send USD to BSDropshipping via

Here it is an example of how to send USD to BSDropshipping if you are not from Ameria.

1-Choose international.

2-Choose your local currency, if you are from malaysia,select MYR, if you are from HongKong, chose HKD, etc.

3-Select payment type, fast or slow.

4- choose USD, so BSDropshipping will receive USD

5- continue

6 to 8- add the USD bank account of BSDropshipping

Please make a domestic payment via ACH to the account details below:

Account Number: 8335166889

ABA/ Routing Number: 026073150

Account Name: Shenzhen Lexiang Technology Co., Ltd.

Bank Name: Community Federal Savings Bank

Bank Address: Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10019, US

Type of Account: Business account

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