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Please do read this blog post if you're planning on dropshipping women's shoes!

In China, the average shoe size for women is reported to be between 36-39 (US size 6-9),

if you are planning to list the sizes of over 40, please do consult your agent first! Because there could be no stock available after you get orders!

There are a few possible reasons why it may be hard to find shoes size of 40 or above for Chinese women in the market: 

1. Lack of demand: Most Chinese women have smaller feet than their Western counterparts, with the average shoe size being around 37-38. As a result, there may be less demand for larger sizes, which means that footwear manufacturers and retailers may not prioritize producing them.
Generally, Chinese women's shoe manufacturers will only produce shoes larger than size 40 when they receive large orders from Europe and America that specifically require them to do so. If there is no such order, they will not produce such shoes, making it difficult to find shoes larger than size 40.

2. Production costs: Making shoes in larger sizes requires more materials and may be more expensive to produce. As a result, manufacturers may choose to focus on more popular sizes to keep their production costs down.
 This may result in smaller quantities being produced, and the sizes selling out quickly or not being restocked.

Overall, a combination of factors including demand, production costs, and cultural preferences, may contribute to the scarcity of larger sizes for Chinese women in the market.

Please do check with your agent before you listing the women shoes bigger than size 40!


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