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Why Do Not Use A Box When Shipping ?

Hi,Mariam Nawri, this post is for you!

Many drop shippers ask BSDropshipping : " hey, Jerry can you put my logo on a beautiful box and ship my oder with it ? “

That is a very good idea actually, a branded box and image will greatly increase customer’s satisfaction on your items. But for two reasons it is not practical for international dropshipping.


Your shipping fee will be increased by 30% at least. Because the shipping fee is charged by two method, one is actual weight and another is volume weight, the logistics company will choose the bigger one, for example , you put a pen inside the box of a TV, though the pen maybe only 50g in actual weight, but the box is too big, by volume weight, it could be 1kg, so you will be charged shipping fee of 1kg….


your items will be mixed with many other packages and will pass many post offices , locations, move in and out of the airplane, and by the time customer received, the box could 90% times be damaged and looks not attractive at all already.


1, use a dust bag as your packages. A dust bag is a plastic or tissue bag with your logo and your social account on it , it would increase the size and weight of your order and same time it crease your brand image and won’t be damaged during transportation.

2, use a thank you card.

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