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Why sometimes Aliexpress is offering a better price than the BSDropshipping ?

The prices of products on AliExpress are usually higher than ours because Aliexpress businesses need to pay around 10% membership fees to AliExpress. As agents, we do not need to pay these fees. Be alert if Aliexpress are offering a price too good to be true.

While sometimes the price of a product on AliExpress may appear to be better than ours due to the following reasons

  • The most likely reason is that you have chosen the slowest shipping method available on AliExpress, which takes 20 to 30 days for customers to receive their goods. Due to the slow shipping, the overall price appears lower.

  • Sometimes, AliExpress sellers use a marketing strategy where they first sell at a low price or even at a loss, and after they have gathered enough sales records and good reviews, they raise the price to a normal profitable level.

  • AliExpress merchants will set their products at an unrealistic low price to make it easier to manipulate orders. This is because the lower the price of the product, the lower their cost of manipulating orders. For example, they pay commission to some companies to "buy" from their stores.

  • AliExpress sellers have stocked up too much inventory that cannot be sold immediately, and they will drastically reduce prices to clear their stock.

  • It is possible that the products sold by Aliexpress merchants have very poor quality,thus their price is cheaper. It is well known that many products look the same on the outside, but the materials used or the actual performance of the product can be vastly different.

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