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Why you should sell cheap and small items?

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Your mentors, influencers, agent or your friends may have recommended you all kinds of items to sell, big or small, expensive or cheap, from pet niche all the way to women's bra.... but based on our 13 years experience, we would always recommed these item and these only.

  • items that are small and cheap

Selling small and cheap items, you enjoy these benefits and thus you stand more chances of success.

  • Fast delivery. Because the items are small and cheap, it will not take too much warehouse space and the shipping fee is little. BSDropshipping will be able to take the risk to hold a large quantity of stock. So, all the orders from customers will be processed and shipped in the same day as they are placed. No time wasted on waiting for products from factory.

  • Higher profit. Dropshippers who sell small and cheap items are enjoying much higher profit than big and heavy and expensive items.

For reason one, you can easily add more perceived value to the item by customzied packages, for example, a small box with your logo on it. Just a little cost, a small improvement will help make your products looks expensive.

For reason two, you can sell higher prices, but customer won't notice they paid higher than they should, for example, a ring cost usd 5.5, you can sell at usd 29, your are selling 6 times more than your cost , customer still buy, for most people who shopping online USD29 is nothing, but if a item cost USD50, and you sell it at USD99, people will think over before they buy, right, though your price only double of your cost.

  • Better shopping experience. By selling cheap and small items, you can give customers a better shopping experience. Because customers can get their items faster. And if there is any problem with the order, you can just refund them or resend as your cost is little, there is no need fighting with them on paypal or endless emails. customers will be happy, they will come again and bring you more orders.

  • Less pressure from cash flow. Cash flow is vital to small and middle businesses. What if someone tells you about a desk that is very popular now, you can get hundreds of orders daily. Do not be happy. Because the desk is big and expensive, you will soon find you are lacking money to pay your agent, as paypal releases the payment to you only when the orders are delivered. You have to stop the ads,refund your customer the pending orders. while, by selling cheap and small items, you do not need to worry about it at all.

  • Less competition. There are millions of cheap and small items in this world, many of them are only avaliable online, customers can not get it from their local market, they have to buy from all kinds of online platforms. You are facing less competation from local stores and other online stores as well as there are so many options avaliabel, every dropshipper could sell different items, it won't become too saturated.

BSDroppshipping has successfully helped many dropshippers build a million dollar profit store, all those dropshippers selling cheap and small items. ALL THOSE who sell big and expensive items FAILED.

Small items bring you big profit. sell small. Here are some expamples FYI.

  • Any items final cost below USD10.

  • Jewerly

  • Lighter

  • Foot pad

  • Nail wrap

  • Socks

  • ........

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