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Private Label

BSDropshipping will integrate your personal branding onto your packages to create an impactful first impression and begin building brand recognition

Millions of factories in China were not listed on alibaba due to crazy high subsription fee and promotion fee.

By woking with those factories, we could get much lower moq (most of the time no moq) and much much less price for you.

Private Label Parcel Package Made By BSDropshipping 2 Color.png


Parcel Bag-Two Color

A branded packing box gets more eyes on your logo and grows your brand influence


Parcel Bag-Single Color

Branded package gives your it a premium feel and fosters trust in your brand

BSDropshipping Private Label Parcel Package 1 color black.png
BSDropshipping Private Lable Parcel Package.png


Parcel Bag- Single Color




Projects Made By BS

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