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How private label supplier BSDropshipping launched its drop shipping business in China

Jerry, whoes parents has a wholesale business in Yiwu market,graduated in April 2011 major in trade english. In his junior year, he started to do trade through the Internet. He uploated the women bags of his parents' store to AliExpress and DHgate for sale.

"Once a customer purchases my product, I will take the opportunity to off the private label and sourcing service to the customer " Jerry said, ", It works ! I did this for less than half a year, earned tens of thousands of dollars, that was when I plan to fouce on provide sourcing service to customers."

"I was considered a weird one in school, because everyone is studying, while I am doing business" Jerry added.

After graduation, he started the online business in his rented house in Shenzhen.

"Back then, e-commerce was extermely hot. I uploaded thousands of products to all kinds of platforms. I tried SEO, adwords and other network marketing solutions , but I failed", Jerry said , " i got little orders, but I found out that there are many big sourcing companies in China , they can't be found in the english world on google due to the language barriers.This is when I wonder maybe I should continue providing sourcing service rather than selling by myself. So I registered BSDropshipping.comin 2015."

"I just registered the domain , soon i realised that building a website is a big chanage for me , so I studied wordpress and online marketing systematically.

The website was built, I have some basic pages. Then I started to worry about the traffic to my site. I started to try adwords and Facebook ads. I only dared to vote for ads in India, Pakistan, and Africa, because traffics for Europe and the United States were too expensive, 3 or 4 usd per click, I can not afford it .

After 2k usd spent, I found that the quality of the inquiry from less developed countries was very poor, customers from there only want very very cheap itmes, left us with no profits. I began to feel melancholy again.

While, as lucky would have it , I noticed that on goolge, articles about importing from China written by foreigners were simple, sometimes biased, they like to demonize Chinese suppliers, especially trading companies and sourcing agents. So I decided to start writing English articles based on my own experience to introduce to the world a real China.To my surprise, thanks to my blogs my website had high quality natural traffic from USA and EU, and it was increasing every day, I started to have some orders and it was getting better and better, i helped those who need to private label their proucts, they are getting good orders and those orders becom mine, it is a win win situation. So I moved from my rented house to a 50-square-meter office.I hired 4 employee, soon expands to 11 in 2016.

"2017 witnessed the rapid growth of Amazon, many newbies from USA and EU want to importe products from China and sell on Amazon, they want private label the products, drop shipping and amazon FBA. Inquries sent to us like a shower, In 2017, the company expaned from 11 people to 37 people."

"The reason why i am successful is simple , there are millions of factories in China were not listed on alibaba due to crazy high subsription fee and promotion fee,And if you work with those factories, you could get much lower moq (most of the time no moq) and much much less price , i connect customers to those factories" said Jerry

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