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Last updated: Jun 22, 2023


Before connecting your shopify store to  BSDropshipping ERP system,  Please read these Terms and Conditions ("Agreement", "Terms", "Terms and Conditions") carefully before using the BSDropshipping ("BS", "" , "We") fulfillment services.

By reading this agreement you agree to the terms and conditions below.


  • ​I have told BSDropshipping all the countries and areas i want to deliver to, if the orders come from areas not agree previously, BSDropshipping may need to give new prices for those areas, the prices may or may not be higher or lower than the other areas agreed. And BS may or may not be able to  ship the new areas.

  • I will not create a Dianxiaomi ERP account for myself and I will not connect my shopify store to my Dianxiaomi ERP account or another Dianxiaomi ERP account or any other fulfillment ERP, once i did so, BSDropshipping will not be able to access my store or fulfill my orders anymore, if the orders get delayed, BSDropshipping shall not be responsible for this.

  • Once I connected my store to BSDropshipping ERP, I will NOT do anything to my  my orders on my shopify store, for example i will not fulfill my orders by myself or i will not put the tracking number etc. If i processed my orders in any way included but not limited to the cases mentioned, BSDropshipping will NOT be able to fulfill again or BS will not be able to fulfill fast, and my orders could be delayed.

  • If there is any order (including test orders and normal orders ) I do not want BS ship, i will let BS know in advance, otheriwise BS shall not take any reponsibility if the orders were shipped.

  • If I changed anything of the orders, for example size, color ,variant, product picture, sku.   I will let BSDroshipping know immediately, otherwise BSDropshipping may ship the wrong products or ship the parcels to the wrong address. And becasue i changed the product information of the product ,BS have to deal with those orders manually, thus the fulfillment could or could not be delayed . And BSDropshipping shall not be responsible for such cases.

  • I have read carefully  and  I will send payment to the BSDropshipping bank account correctly, if i send to the wrong account or I input wrong information of the account or I send wrong currency, BSDropshipping may not receive the payment in time, and my orders could be delayed.( )

  • I will not ship to remote areas (islands, restricted military, administrator areas, or hard to access areas), becasue BSDropshipping may or may not deliver to those areas or there is a much longer delivery time. BSDropshipping can try to ship those places notified by the me but BSDropshipping shall not take responsibility if the delivery failed.(remote area list

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