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Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Here are some frequently asked questions about dropshipping. If you want to know more, please contact whatsapp:+8613246602216

How to work with you? what is the process?

  1. connect your shopify store to our fulfilment APP

  2. start to market your products with facebook ads, tiktok ads, influencers..

  3. make the payment after receiving the bills from BSDropshipping.

  4. BSDropshipping will fulfill your orders automatically after getting paid.

Please note, the dropshipping process is very very simple, bascically, you just need to make the connection and pay. eveything else will be processed on our side.

Is there a MOQ?

  • No moq

What is your process time?

  • within 12 hours

Do you ship globally ?

  • No. we only ship to Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.

Which logistics you use ?

  • Yun express (90% orders )

  • CNE

What is your shipping fee?

What is your fee, your commision?

  • Our commison per order is normally around usd1.5-usd 3, for some items like very expensive item, too big item, too heavy items, the commison will be a little higher, please consult BSDropshipping for details. All in all, with every fee included (product cost+shipping fee+our commison+tax), the price we can offer is very very simliar to aliexpress standard price (

Do you have a catalogue?

  • No. we do not have a catalogue. we are an agent, we can find and dropship what ever products you want from China.

Do you have ERP system for Shopify? How to connect my Shopify store to you ?

  • Yes.

What is MOQ for custom packaging and the associated cost?

  • No MOQ for putting logo on the product.

  • MOQ is around USD200-400 for branding the box

How does payment work? Pay before shipping, after order shipped? and How?

What is estimated shipping time for: Europe, United State, Australia, and Canada?

  • It can be from 4-16 days, depends on your choice. normally 80% of the parcels can be deliveried to Europe in 7-9 days; USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand 80% parceled deliveried in 9-11 days.

How do I submit a quote?

  • send the pictures or link of the products on whatsapp or skype

What is the return policy? What if wrong item was sent? What if the item becomes defective?

  • wrong items sent, refund 100%

  • defective items sent, refund 100%

  • package get lost, refund 100%

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