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Why some orders get delayed?

When customers are complaining, what are they really complaining about? To every one's surprise, 95% of the complaint is about DELIVERY.

  • The shipping takes too long.

It is acutally easily understandable why customer is angry more about the delivery time instead of the quality, because now it is commmenly accepted that made in china is good, even iphone is made in China, while there are so many factors can affact the shipping time, if a dropshipper DO NOT HOLD STOCK.

To name just a few.

  • Factory are out of stock.

  • Supplier is not able to ship to BS due to lockdown or other factors.

  • Supplier sent wrong products to BS.

  • Supplier sent inferior products to BS.

  • Sent inadequate products to BS.

  • Supplier increased the price, BS have to give up the purchase or find a new supplier.

  • Products get damaged during transportation to BS.

  • Parcels get lost during transportation to BS.

  • Supplier refuse to ship due to cost increase suddenly to BS.

  • Supplier has a longer process time due to system update or system crash.

  • Supplier is not able to ship to BS due to natural events like bad weather and natural disasters.

  • Supplier is not able to ship to BS due to political instabilities

  • Supplier is not able to ship to BS due to holiday.

  • ......

When any of the above cases happened, BS have to buy again from the same supplier or differnt suplier or have to postphone the shipment, thus customer's oder will be delayed.

BSDropshipping has been in e-commerce for 13 years, we did not find any dropshipper who do not hold stock and are still successful with dropshipping. ALL THOSE WHO DO NOT HOLD STOCK FAILED.

If you want to be rich, hold the stock!!!

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