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Refund Policy

BSDropshipping got you covered. You are safe working with us.

Refund 100% (amount on the invoice )for below cases

  • Incorrect item received.(e.g. customer ordered a cup,BS sent a jacket).

  • Wrong size received.(e.g. customer ordered size 39, BS sent size 40).

  • Wrong color  received. (e.g. customer ordered blue color, BS sent red).

  • Defective item received(defective means the item completely does not work, for example customer can not power on a phone sent by BS,  ).

  • Item is missing(e.g, customer ordered 3 pcs, but only get 2 pcs).

  • Parcel get lost during transportation.

  • Item got damaged (broken) during transportation.

  • If an item becomes stained (for example, white shoes are stained with black ink) and the stains cannot be permanently removed, it significantly affects the usability of the product. If the staining is merely surface dirt that may naturally occur during production and transportation, it does not qualify for the 100% refund service as outlined in this clause.

  • Parcels not delivered within after days in transit(exclud cases mentioned in "No refund" policy).

Please note that BSDropshipping will refund 100% for the amount we charged, for example, you are selling a shoe at USD49.9 and BSDropshipping charged usd15 for the fulfillment, if we have to refund you 100%, we will refund usd15, not USD49.9.

How to get the refund

  • Simply contact BS over skype, send the screenshot of the e-mail or paypal dispute received including name, date and content from customer.

  • Once your request was approved, we will refund you on the next bill or send the payment via paypal right away.

Refund 50% (amount on the invoice )for below cases


Items not delived after 30 days in transit due to Force Majeure included but not limited to, 

  • Natural disasters: Such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, droughts, and other natural calamities.

  • Social events: Like holiday, war, acts of terrorism, civil unrest, strikes, riots, and other forms of social instability.

  • Government actions: Such as the issuance of regulations, decrees, policy changes, or other government actions that render the contract impossible to fulfill.

  • Unforeseen events: Including sudden disruptions in the supply chain, equipment failures, transportation issues, and other unexpected occurrences.

  • Maritime events: Involving accidents at sea, ship collisions, shipwrecks, pirate attacks, and other maritime incidents.

No refund for below cases

  • Wrong or incomplete address provided by customer.

  • ​Customer did not report the quality issue within 5 days after the parcel received.

  • Customer refuse to receive the parcel.

  • Customer is not at home or not reachable.

  • Customer was notified multiple times to pick up his order by the post office, but he did not. (example,

  • Customer do not like that item, do not like the smell, color etc.

  • Customer think the item does not fit ( ​customer ordered size 40 and BS shipped size 40, customer think it is  too big or too small ).

  • Customer think the shipping takes too long, though the parcel is still in transit normally.

  • Customer claim they did not receive the item, but the tracking information on shows it wadelivered.

  • Customer used the item for some days already and it was broken after.

  • Parcels were sent back to supplier/ BS/ China. BSDropshipping did not and will not authorise any party to return the parcels to China. For reason one, the shipping fee to China will be more expensive than the item itself. For reason two, Chinese custom is very strict about the imported items. It is not possible to provide all the documents required. The parcels were be destroyed locally if the delivery failed.

Our Clients Say

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"Fast delivery, cheap price, good service, I feel very comfortabel working with BS."

Robert Rose

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