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Why dropshippers shall not sell too many varients ?

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

The most commen and dangerous mistakes dropshippers made is having a store selling products from multiple niches, or providing too many options for a certain product.

You may assume more variety means you will stand more chances to attract more customers, but it is not true based on the observation of BSDropshipping.

  • A general store won't give customer a professional and brand feeling, instead they potentially think your store work like a grocery store near their neighborhood, they less likely to pay high price for the items on your site.

  • A general store with multiple niches makes the fulfillment very difficult.

On one hand, as required by the logistics, each parcel should not exceed a certain weight and size, otherwise the parcels have to be divided. While, becaue BSDropshipping have no control on what customer will order, we may need to separate the order and customer will receive several bags, some of them may complain " i did not receive my order, my item is missing" some just file a dispute...If you got too many cases like this, your ads will be closed for sure, and paypal will freeze your account.

On the other hand, as there are too many varieties, some product maybe in stock, some may not, in this case, BSDropshipping has to wait for the stock, so the fulfillment will be delayed. This will of couse lead to the complaint from customers, also the delay will pose pressure on your cash flow, becasue the payment will be relased to you only when the orders were delivered.

  • Too many varients let it difficult for customer to make their choice. Finally they may give it up becaue they are not sure which varient they should choose.

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