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  • What is your shipping time ?
    Initially, our start process time may take approximately 2-3 days, however as your orders become more regular(for exmple, 10 orders per day) we can hold some stock in our warehouse which will allow us to process your orders within hours. Similarly, shipping time may take around 5-14 days in the beginning, but once we have stock available shipping times will be reduced to an estimated 5-10 days(90% orders). You can also buy and send stock to our warehouse to achive the similiar delivery time. But we cannot guarantee that every order will be delivered within 5-10 days even there is stock here as the delivery time may be influenced by the buyer's specific address and unforeseen events(for example, holiday, bad weather, war, customer not at home......).
  • What is remote area ? strongly recommend you block the remote area to decrease your refund rate,improve your order fulfillment efficiency A remote area is a location that is far from urban centers or densely populated areas. These areas typically have limited access to services, infrastructure, and amenities that are readily available in more populated regions. Remote areas can be rural, wilderness, military area, or isolated regions that are difficult to reach, often requiring longer travel times and more effort to access. In some cases, remoteness can be due to geographic factors like mountains, deserts, or dense forests, while in other cases, it might be intentional isolation for various reasons. Remote areas often experience longer delivery times and higher shipping costs for several reasons: 1. **Limited Accessibility:** Remote areas are often located far from major transportation hubs and distribution centers. This means that reaching these areas requires longer travel distances, which can result in longer delivery times. 2. **Infrastructure Challenges:** The infrastructure in remote areas may not be as developed as in urban or suburban areas. Roads, bridges, and other transportation infrastructure may be less reliable or in poorer condition, making deliveries more challenging and time-consuming. 3. **Lower Population Density:** Remote areas typically have a lower population density, which means there are fewer potential customers to serve. Shipping companies may charge higher rates to cover the additional costs associated with reaching these areas. 4. **Limited Demand:** Lower population density can also lead to lower demand for goods and services, making it less economically viable for shipping companies to establish regular routes to remote areas. This can result in less frequent deliveries. 5. **Specialized Transportation:** Some remote areas may require specialized transportation, such as off-road vehicles or small aircraft, to reach. These modes of transport can be more expensive than standard delivery methods. 6. **Fuel and Labor Costs:** The increased distance to remote areas can result in higher fuel and labor costs for shipping companies, which may be passed on to customers in the form of higher shipping fees. 7. **Customs and Regulations:** In some cases, remote areas may be subject to additional customs or regulatory requirements, which can add complexity and cost to the shipping process. All of these factors contribute to longer delivery times and higher shipping costs for remote areas. Remote Area List updated 2022
  • Can you ship my orders with DHL, UPS or Fedax even i want to pay more?
    No, we can not. Parcels sent via DHL or any other express shipping carrier can sometimes get stuck at customs for various reasons. Once the parcels get stuck and send back to us , we will have to pay 3-4 times more shipping fee. Common reasons for parcels get stuck include: 1. Customs Inspection: Customs authorities inspect packages to ensure they comply with import/export regulations. This can take time, especially if they have a backlog of packages to inspect. 2. Documentation Issues: Incomplete or incorrect customs documentation can lead to delays. Ensure that all required paperwork is accurate and complete. 3. Customs Duties and Taxes: If customs duties or taxes are owed, the recipient may need to pay them before the package is released. 4. Restricted Items: Customs may seize or delay packages containing prohibited or restricted items.
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